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LINUX AIR COMBAT is a free, open-source combat flight simulator for the LINUX community. Its roots came from the well-known "classic" flight game known as "GL-117", but this new incarnation has been extensively re-written and improved.  This is now the world's leading open-source combat flight simulator for Linux.

LINUX AIR COMBAT is also known as "LAC"

Linux Air Combat Screen Shot 1

Escorting a heavy bomber

LAC Joystick and Keypad Controls

Joystick and Keypad Controls. (Or just fly with your keyboard and mouse).  If you don't have a joystick, use the "[" and "]" keys to control your throttle.

Use your PC keyboard to control most flight functions. If you don't have a joystick, use the "[" and "]" keys to control your throttle.

For a comprehensive YouTube review of a recent version (late 2019), click this link:

Now available for free Internet download, this high-performance flight simulator supports all of the basics demanded by today's LINUX flight sim users, including all of these features:

  • Free and open source distribution. The clean source code compiles without modification on major LINUX distros
  • Very smooth, simple, high-performance graphics yield high frame rates even on modest computer hardware
  • 45 flight/view functions can be mapped to any detected joystick axis, button, or keyboard key
  • Modern, multi-axis analog/digital joysticks support precision control of elevators, ailerons, rudder, throttle, etc.
  • Mouse control of elevators, ailerons, and weapons for those lacking a joystick
  • 54 different flyable aircraft from World War II
  • A theoretical Jet fighter with performance similar to the General Dynamics F16
  • Industry-standard "Air Warrior" style view system is easily configurable for other view options
  • Sophisticated flight model with stalls, high-speed compressibility, high-G blackouts, and red outs
  • Realistic high-altitude degradation of engine performance
  • Fuel consumption is proportional to engine load including WEP/Afterburner effects
  • Flight performance is degraded when lugging heavy bombs, missiles, or rockets
  • Flight performance is degraded when aircraft are damaged
  • Simulated RADAR to help locate opponents
  • Enemy airfields and RADAR facilities can be damaged or destroyed
  • Simulated IFF to help Identify Friend verses Foe
  • Guns combat
  • WW2-era Air-to-Ground rockets
  • WW2-era bombs
  • Missile combat (only when flying jets)
  • Flares and Chaff operable as missile countermeasures
  • Free flight mission
  • Four tutorial missions with detailed audio narration to help beginners get a quick start
  • Online "Head to Head" mission suitable for air racing or combat (2 players only. No server required.)
  • Free, high performance Linux Air Combat Server is now available at LinuxAirCombat.com
  • Three distinct, ten-player Internet missions in various terrains, with strategic airfield combat (Internet and access to a free LAC Server required)
  • Users can record "GunCamera films" and ask the Server to replay them as persistent "Server Missions"
  • 32 distinct, online Realms, each supporting unique missions and/or communities
  • Realm "0" constantly runs persistent Server "Strike" missions with heavy bombers to escort, or to oppose
  • User-loadable graphic aircraft models support the free, open, well-known ".3ds" format
  • User-loadable background music, sound effects, and narration files support industry-standard ".wav" format
  • "Talking Cockpit" can verbalize target location so you can hear it without diverting your eyes
  • Innovative "Network Router Panel" on cockpit shows network telemetry and comms data flow from other players
  • Best-of-breed network user management with inter-player status messages on the cockpit panel
  • Powerful integration with "Mumble" for world-class voice communication between players
  • Dedicated Mumble server manages a rich hierarchy of voice radio channels and online help
  • Automated radio messages verbalize enemy airfield status when Mumble Radio is properly tune
  • 23 Comms-related functions can be mapped to any keyboard key
  • Text-only, low-bandwidth comms option acts like a "Morse Code" radio, generating and decoding real Morse code
  • Airfields with defensive guns challenge nearby opponents and protect nearby allied aircraft
  • Airfield defenses can be damaged and degraded with bombs, rockets, missiles, and/or machine guns
  • Damaged airfield defenses are gradually repaired by surviving airfield maintenance personnel
  • Air raid sirens blare loud on damaged airfields
  • Bombers have auto-gunners that take shots at nearby hostile fighters
  • "Norden" bombsight emulation makes precision, medium or high altitude bombing possible
  • Realistic bomber climb rates:  Heavily loaded bombers need a long time to climb to altitudes high enough to avoid fighters
  • Realistic bomb-run tactics make heavy bombers vulnerable to opposing fighters during critical mission segments
  • Heavy bombers can destroy an airfield in a single sortie if well flown and undamaged by opposing fighters
  • Real-time, automated radio and RADAR warnings alert players when their airfields are threatened by strategic bombers
  • Online users can choose their own unique "CommunityHandle" name, and see the names of other players 
  • Log file stored on the player's computer keeps a detailed history of all online victories
  • Supported by an active development team for bug fixes


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